Interview on Happy Ever After Blog

Here’s my interview with Joyce Lamb on USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog: 


Many authors will tell you that they finally scored a book contract, or two, just by being too stubborn to give up. Ana Barrons is just such an author. Her debut, Wrongfully Accused, is out today from Carina Press, packed with gritty romantic suspense, a drool-worthy mega-alpha hero and intense sexual tension. Ana joins us to talk about Wrongfully Accused, her global travels and how she landed two book contracts within a couple of days of each other.

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Review of Wrongfully Accused on All About Romance

Wrongfully Accused takes place in Washington, DC.

 Check out this review, I think it’s pretty cool. I’d be interested to know what you think.



As a romantic suspense debut, Wrongfully Accused comes on strong. Set in Washington DC, the plot involves a convoluted string of events involving everything from political maneuvering to adultery to terrorism. A likable heroine and intricate plotting carry the book and even if the events described sometimes seem rather fantastic, the author lays out her story in a way that kept me flying right through it. When I finished, I realized that I really wanted to see where this author will go next.



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