NYUS: If the guy loves your kid…

I recently blogged at Not Your Usual Suspects, talking about how romantic partners deal with kids. Check it out!

If you’re like me that’s all it would take. Well, assuming he’s a good person and there’s some major chemistry happening. In every book I’ve written there’s a child who’s critical to the love relationship. In Trust No Onemy heroine is a single mother of a child with developmental delays.

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Skip the Prologue?

Just Romantic Suspense hosted a giveaway of Son of The Enemy on their blog over the weekend! I’m a little late getting it posted here, but I hope you all had a chance to check it out! You can still head over there to see what I have to say about people who skip prologues, and the importance of the prologue in Son of the Enemy


In Son of the Enemy, my prologue brings the reader into the formative event in Hannah Duncan’s life. She’s six years old, peeking under her parents’ bed at her Christmas presents, when she hears the front door open and a man’s voice downstairs. It’s not her father. Then the door closes and her mother runs up the stairs and collapses on the bed, sobbing. Hannah is sad and confused, but afraid of being discovered.

Then the bedroom door opens…

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It not too late to let me know what you think here in the comments or over at Just Romantic Suspense!

USA Today Happy Ever After Review

Wrongfully Accused was recommended by Mary Kennedy of USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog as one of three romances “rife with political intrigue.” And she even compares them to Scandal and House of Cards! Can you tell I’m excited?!

Sex, lies and politics … we’re talking Scandal or House of Cards, right? Not this time. But we are talking some romances based in D.C. against the backdrop of, well, sex, lies and politics. The Talk Radio Mysteries author Mary Kennedy shares some of her favorites …

Read what Mary Kennedy has to say about Wrongfully Accused in her  Happy Ever After article!

Oh, the terror! – NYUS

I’m about to start a new romantic suspense novel! I’ve got my notepad and pen handy for plotting and character development and several hours left of the day with no pressing obligations. The laundry is done, husband busy with his own projects and I’m…terrified.

Head over to Not Your Usual Suspects to get an inside look at just how terrified I am, and to see an excerpt from the book I’m writing, Trust No One. Leave me a comment over there and you might find yourself with a copy of one of my ebooks!

Betrayed By Trust Review

Check out this review that gave Betrayed by Trust 4.5 out of 5 stars! Read the excerpt below, then head over to Book Binge to see what else Judith has to say.

Betrayed by Trust final coverWhat does one do when a trusted friend betrays that trust?  Where does one turn when the friend you thought supported your efforts to find your sister’s killer pulls the rug out from under you?  Such were the thoughts of Catherine Morrissey as she realized that the very person to whom she had opened her mind and heart, with whom she had shared memories and feelings, was the very person who exposed the raw hurt of her family to the Washington, D.C. public.  Now Catherine feels like she is on her own, yet really doesn’t know the insiders and outsiders in American government so she feels like she is traveling blind.  She is even more confused when she receives mysterious anonymous notes giving her advice that scares her half to death.

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Will The Real Hero Please Stand Up (NYUS)

Hi! Head over to Not Your Usual Suspects today to read about why I’m writing Ben’s story as a sequel to Wrongfully Accused.


“So now I’m writing Ben’s story. It takes place in Scotland, where he’s gone on a leave of absence from his cardiology practice to decide what to do about his life, and whether to give his marriage a second chance. It’s nighttime, and he’s in a camper at the summit of the highest, most treacherous road in the highlands. A fierce storm has blown in from Iceland and a frantic young woman is banging on his door. It seems there’s been a terrible accident…”


This is the road Fiona was on the night of the accident in my upcoming sequel to Wrongfully Accused. Ben’s camper was at the top…

Embracing my inner highland lass at NYUS

Check out my newest guest post at Not Your Usual Suspects today! In this post I share some of my experience in the Highlands.

Here’s a sample:

So as I drive through the highlands for the first time, I try to imagine what it would be like to live in a place so ruggedly beautiful but so seldom truly warm. I’m from New England, so I’m partial to cool weather, but August in Scotland means bundling up in fleeces and hoodies, particularly when the wind is blowing. Still, watching the clouds swirl around green hills and rock ledges wrapped in heather, then roll down into the valleys, I suspect it would take a long time to tire of this magical place.

What can I say? It’s been an amazing trip!


Just some new friends of mine with great hair inspiration


Simply gorgeous

Simply gorgeous