Skip the Prologue?

Just Romantic Suspense hosted a giveaway of Son of The Enemy on their blog over the weekend! I’m a little late getting it posted here, but I hope you all had a chance to check it out! You can still head over there to see what I have to say about people who skip prologues, and the importance of the prologue in Son of the Enemy


In Son of the Enemy, my prologue brings the reader into the formative event in Hannah Duncan’s life. She’s six years old, peeking under her parents’ bed at her Christmas presents, when she hears the front door open and a man’s voice downstairs. It’s not her father. Then the door closes and her mother runs up the stairs and collapses on the bed, sobbing. Hannah is sad and confused, but afraid of being discovered.

Then the bedroom door opens…

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It not too late to let me know what you think here in the comments or over at Just Romantic Suspense!

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